I once again reminded myself that I have a blog. …

I once again reminded myself that I have a blog. I moved to Redwood City, Welcome to the RWC, Bitch! It’s been okay so far. I don’t live in the best neighborhood, but I am surviving. My place itself is nice, but the neighbors leave something to be desired. There is a large apartment complex next to the duplex where I live and there is little separation and the noise from the apartments is random and can be loud. People walk just a few feet from the windows and I can hear them. It creeps me out a bit. I’m on the nervous side and some of the noises later at night make it hard to sleep. My new job has been mostly blah. I don’t work to hard, which is a good thing for now, but I am so bored during the day.
I am trying to change the type of person I am. I want to date more and to do that I need to meet more people. I am working on it, but it is hard to do. My goal for the next few weeks, is when I meet new people, I want to elicit an emotional response. I need to take a logical/intellectual connection and tie it to an emotional connection.


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