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Dessert Porn

February 13, 2007

Oatmeal Bars I am hosting a dessert party soon and I need to find new recipes that I want to make. The recipes and pictures are dessert porn. Mmm. Ahh. Look at that smooth and silky ganache, the cracked top on the souffle, the curve of the bundt cake, the bold presence of the chocolate oatmeal bars.


Different Target Products

February 8, 2007

I am fascinated by some of the products my local Target in Redwood City carries.  In the food section, there are a lot of products primarily labeled in Spanish.  I assume they are from Mexico.  Some of the sweet ones look particularly intriguing.  I wonder how widespread this is.

Moving Blogs

February 6, 2007

Yeah! WordPress has a new import feature for getting Blogs from the “New Blogger”. It even found the pictures. There are some formatting differences and I rarely had titles on the previous blog, so I might do some editing of the most recent posts. But overall, this was fabulous. Now let’s see if this encourages me to post random musings more often.