The First Bathroom Stall Phenomenon

I work at a company with about 33 employees, of whom 7 are women (plus one more part time).  We moved to a larger facility that has 5 bathroom stalls, including the large handicapped accessible stall.  On average, I see someone else in the bathroom once every 2 weeks, most often just after a long meeting.  The building is only cleaned twice per week, on Wednesdays and Fridays.  When the toilets are cleaned, the seats are left up and there is a blue liquid in the bowl.  I have noticed, what I will call, “The First Bathroom Stall Phenomenon”.   Between any two cleanings, most often, the first bathroom stall will not have been used and there will still be blue liquid in the toilet.  I have always thought that the stalls further from the door were cleaner and had less use.  However, this is not the case in our micro-environment.  The first stall is shunned, in fact.   Does this hold true for the larger population?  Or perhaps we are all picky bathroom users who purposefully shun the first stall.


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