Online Invitations

I have been using Evite since 1999, which is an eternity in the online sphere. I was an early fan and even got a free Super Bowl Party kit in the snail mail when there were a dot com with too much cash. I was in love. But times have changed and now Evite Sucks. They redid the backend (to make it flashier?) and completely destroyed its functionality. I was not able to copy an old invite and the reminder system was hosed.  It also wouldn’t save my changes. And the ads have been getting overwhelming. Evite, I am officially breaking up with you. In the web world, I have many paramours (Google, TWoP
, etc.) and I am faithful to none of them. But this change required me to find an alternative website. I needed a replacement. I didn’t want a social networking site, just something simple and easy to use.  The best current option I found is mypunchbowl.  I will let it court me and see how it goes.  So far, there are no major gaffes.  I think my friends a little uncertain about the change.


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