Anywhere, USA

I am currently visiting my parents, and it could almost be Anywhere, USA.  We went to the mall yesterday.  It felt just like any other shopping center I go to.   There were only a few things that made it seem like it had a specific city location, instead of literally being anywhere.  The hottest talk of the town is our basketball team in the NBA Finals.  Workers at stores, people walking about were talking about it.  However, if this wasn’t occurring right now, there would be much less information to determine where in the country you were.  There was a new store that was opening and it was generating a lot of excitement.  But since I live somewhere that already had that store for many years, I would guess I was someplace other than the coasts.  The ethnic mix of the crowd indicated I was in the midwest.  It was a more upscale shopping center, so I knew I was in a large enough metropolitan area to support multiple, niche malls.  Beyond those features, I really felt I could be in many cities.  How did everything become so homogenous?


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