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Devil’s Food Cupcakes

August 12, 2007

Devil’s Food CupcakeI used a Devil’s Food recipe from the blog of David Lebovitz to make cupcakes and they were outstanding. I baked them for approximately 20 minutes and it made 22 cupcakes (plus 1 unbaked bit of batter-y goodness). I used Scharffen Berger cocoa powder for the cake and a mix of Scharffen Berger and Ghiradelli chocolate for the frosting. I think these are my new favorite cupcakes. I only have two left, I think might change to only one left in a moment.



August 8, 2007

I realized that it has been about 15 years that I have been doing online chatting.  Today, it’s with gchat (gmail chat), but once upon a time it was with bulletin boards and freenets.  The topic came around to chatbots.  And I remembered Maur.  I went looking for the dragon so I could chat with him (and have him toast me), but he seems to be gone.  All I could find were old references to a website in Canada that no longer works.   Sigh.  I feel nostalgic.  I hope he’s still around somewhere.