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Modern Hell

February 21, 2008

I have seen modern hell and it is not pretty.  I went to Ikea yesterday to get some random stuff, for a party I’m holding to look at furniture, the usual.  I went to check out and there the problem began.  There were only self-serve registers – no other choices were available.   I started the process.  One of my items was from the As-Is section, this had to be rung up manually.  I then accidentally double rang an item, for which I needed help.  No bags were in sight but the screen helpfully asked me, “how many had I used?”  Well, none yet, but I guessed one might be sufficient.  There was no paper to wrap more fragile objects.   People were standing behind me just waiting for me to leave so I dumped  everything back in the cart to drag it out to my car.  I put everything in my car and then continued on with errands.  Well, when I got home, I had a mess in the trunk and one of my serving platters was chipped.  I absolutely blame the shoddiness of the check-out for this problem.  Now I am debating whether it is worth the $10 to try to return it or just write it off as a lost cause (and not go back to Hell-kea again).